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    PHP scraper vs Python scraper. Episode 1


PHP scraper vs Python scraper. Episode 1

Title of the article is not exactly precise as it does not store any charts, timing or other digital parameters of two scrapers that provide solution of the same task. This is more a [...]

Laravel: quick start

We've been working with Laravel framework on daily basis for years, this is a primary framework in our team for now. During this time we have worked out best practices and approaches that save time [...]

Blockchain to put it simple

Blockchain is a talk of the town today due to numerous promising opportunities it provides. What is this and why is it a subject of interest for everyone today? Blockchain is a unique technology positioned [...]

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The work we do, and how we do it, is defined in large part by the culture we’ve developed. 

We have built an organization that each and every one of us enjoys being a part of, where people feel valued, inspired to grow, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to take care of our clients and help each other succeed.

Director of Strategy
Senior Developer
Senior Developer


We transform dreams into wonderful working solutions.

If you have a breakthrough idea or project, our team is the best way to go.

Script for generating crosswords

Script for generating crosswords for a crossword directory. The goal was to use 300 000 words (answers) and questions to these words to generate square 16×16 cells, fully filled out with crosswords. Each cell had to store either a question or a letter of a word.

The challenging part was that direct generation of crosswords causes a lot of dead ends. For instance, algorithm should set up questions and answers so that not to leave empty corner cells and last in a row cells. It happens that one empty cell remains and the script should pick up a letter, which would match words both horizontally and vertically. The more crossword is filled with questions and answers, the more difficult generating is. Some combinations are impossible to fill out completely.

To resolve these issues we have developed an algorithm. The script for generating crosswords picks up a random word and a question to this word and places them on the grid. The result is written into the database. Each next words is pulled from the database and pseudo randomly placed on the grid in five different combinations. Thus, from 1 grid with 1 word we got 5 grids with 2 words etc. This was done so that we always had alternative variants in case of dead end, when it was not possible to add a new word. To speed up generation we run this algorithm in 50 threads, each of which was working on its own grid variant. To reduce the number of queries into the database and speed up performance, each thread stored the whole database of 300 000 words in its RAM. To make final crosswords as different from each other as possible, when the thread generated 5 full grids we added them into the main database and the thread started its work with an empty grid. In the end, we have generated 3 000 full crossword grids with the script for generating crosswords.

WeChat integration

WeChat is the largest voice and text messaging system in China. One of the projects developed by our team required WeChat integration, namely user authentication, development of inner WeChat applications and communication with WeChat API.

The main challenge for WeChat integration is lack of documentation or even absence of it. Moreover, most existing documentation is Chinese, not English. That’s why we had to understand lots of important details by experience, like setting up accounts, finding keys.

To have the application open within WeChat it should be formatted and optimized accordingly. To post a link to it within WeChat channel, it needs to be registered with a special API.

On pages developed for this messenger we used WeChat JS API for various purposes, like voice recording. When record is finished, it is stored on WeChat servers and after that it remains available for 3 days. We needed to store such records forever that’s why we used WeChat API to copy records on our servers.

We have developed an API for WeChat authorization and inner WeChat web applications to read articles, to hold translation contests, quizzes and record voice messages.

WordPress plugin for paid content

Development of WordPress plugin for paid content. Web application has an API for hiding part of webpage content. To get access to premium content users should make a micro payment or view ads. The goal of the project was to create a plugin to communicate with API on any desired webpage and prepare to publish on wordpress.org. To be accepted for publishing on wordpress.org the plugin should meet coding standards set by WordPress.  (more…)

Scraper for generating leads from Yelp

A custom scraper for generating leads from Yelp. The goal was to collect leads for email marketing company, targeted at medical offices in the USA. For this purpose we used data available in the directory of Yelp.com.


Website for real estate agency

Design and development of website for real estate agency from the USA. This is an agency with long history and their corporate website was quite old. They wanted to add new look and feel but keep pleasant experience. At the same time, they wanted to keep to coporate colors and logo and they wanted some high-tech feel. We built on on WordPress for easy content management and support. The client wanted to keep the same site structure and content and just make it look more up-to-date. They were not sure about their desired style so we created few different design concepts for their consideration and they have selected a steel and concrete palette with city shadowgraph.

Joomla-based real estate portal

Joomla-based real estate portal for real estate agency in France. Youg-Services agency provides villas and apartments for rent and on sale on Cote d’-Azur and Nice. Website is based on Joomla CMS with standard and custom plugins. There are sections for rent and for sale, properties are listed by type and category for easy management and search on site. Advanced search with various filters – by type, by number of debs, by price, search by property ID number. (more…)

TeqPen – a digital pen for medical practice management application

TeqPen is a digital pen that looks and works just like a regular ballpoint pen, but that’s where the similarities end. Despite its size, it is actually a very sophisticated computing device that is capable of converting handwritten paper-based documents into typed text that can be modified, formatted, and shared. The digital pen device we offer contains an integrated digital sensor, an advanced microprocessor, and a mobile communications device for wireless connection. TeqPen records what is written and drawn, and all this data is then stored in the pen’s memory until it is synchronized via USB dock or a mobile phone.

TeqBoard – tablet application for medical practice management

TeqBoard is windows tablet application for medical practice management interfacing directly with TeqOffice. It allows documents to be viewed, signed digitally through a secure connection, and stored electronically. Hand it to the patient like a traditional clipboard, and it will allow them to fill-out and sign any document. Additionally, incorporating camera technology allows patient IDs, insurance information, and other data to be gathered faster without the use of a scanner or a copy machine.

Directory of products scraped from eBay and Amazon for local market

Online marketplace and directory with products scraped and grabbed from eBay and Amazon API. There is a delivery service for shoppers from Ukraine who fell it difficult to make orders themselves and payment system, which supports multiple currencies. Product is purchased from eBay and Amazon, company’s commission and delivery cost is added and user can track his order until it arrives in Ukraine. Online payment service. Enhanced backend for company staff to manage orders and delivery.

A web and mobile application for finding special offers, deals and discounts in bars and restaurants around

A web application for finding special offers, deals, discounts. A directory of bars, restraunts and clubs, where user can pick up the places with happy hours, discounts, deals, interesting events at the moment basing on his location. The first stage was to parse places from Foursquare, the next stage was automatic finding social networks associated with these places, the third stage was parsing places’ posts from social networks and the final stage was to analyze posts content with a help of self-learning language analyzer to find out posts related to special offers. Parsing is done with the help of multi-thread parser, which is using proxy servers. The system consists of mobile app, web application and API.

Web database of all medical doctors in the USA

Online database of all medical doctors in the USA. Data scraped from multiple public sources, like Yelp, Yellow Pages and similar. This is a webite with content provided by multi-thread parser, which uses proxy servers to find new data and update existing to keep the directory up-to-date.

A script for scraping site templates

A script for scraping site templates and removing all personal information from it. Urls, names, contact details, addresses are removed from template and are replaced with placeholder data for further usage. The tool supports either sites based on popular CMS like WordPress or sites based on frontend frameworks like Angular and React.

E-shop with automatic purchase of bitcoins

Automatic purchase of bitcoins was the main challenge that we had to resolve for this project. This is a e-shop where all payments are converted automatically into bitcoins and transferred to owner’s account. Customer’s goal was to use all income received from one of his ecommerce sites for purchasing bitcoins without any effort from his side. Customers’ payments incoming from his website are used to purchase bitcoins for him automatically.

Victory Sisters – charity organization webpage

WordPress-based charity organization website for Victory Sisters, a fund in Ukraine supporting Ukrainian army. There is an option to make a donation directly from webpage. The system collects together donations data that are coming from multiple sources and represents in form of reports on website. There is a backend with stats and reports.

Scraper to parse contact details

A scraper to parse contact details of buisness offices that belong to a certain buisness category on Yelp site. Script is responsible for automated collection of data for marketing campaigns and for filtering out collected results. It scrapes businesses from Yelp by set of criteria, then grabs business contact info from details. Provides high performance and handles up to 1 000 thread simultaneously.

ICTERI conference website

A WordPress-based webpage for international conference on ICT in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications, ICTERI. Website is built on WordPress engine, using conference template and some customized WordPress plugins.

Cars scraper and database

A cars scraper and database. We’ve implemented a scraping script, which grabbed cars from multiple car directories into a single collection. Then data were filtered and uploaded to a database, which feeds online car catalogue. It  helps user select a car according to his specific requirements. There is advanced search for site visitors. Data is re-scraped and updated on regular basis. Site is based on Yii framework. Frontend is Bootstrap.

Educational application for studying English

An educational application that consists of backend, frontend and API to connect mobile application and web application. Backend is used by website editors who create online lessons, quizzes, surveys, who provide content for lessons with examples grabbed from latest news and articles. Allows combinations of audio and text with animation for more comprehensive learning. All samples are grabbed automatically from real news websites and news agencies worldwide.

Web marketing application

A web marketing application for creation of smart advertising campaigns. The system picks up and shows ads to target audience, which is defined basing upon collected and analyzed data of end user interests, actions, behavior, purchases. The whole process is automatical. Specific actions on web page or in mobile application trigger showing ads to user at the right time at the right place.


Scraper and language analyzer for Springer

Scraper and language analyzer  for collection of data and semantic analysis of scientific texts for Springer and technical universities. The script grabs article author, title, volume, issue and other information and then uses this data to search in Google Scholar. Then it grabs citations from search result and stores in the database.

Riviera Family web portal

Educational and entertaining web portal for citizens and visitors of Cote d’Azur.  Shop with online payment; blog, news, articles, photo gallery and other tools for supporting a friendly community and providing effective communication. Find the upcoming events schedule and plan your future entertainment. Find interesting articles from experts in various fields. Stay active in social life of French Riviera. Web portal is based on WordPress CMS and custom design.

Yii based web portal for dealership

A platform to manage dealers and sellers based on Yii and Bootstrap. It has a backend to manage stock, add, edit and delete products, view and manage orders and front-end with online orders, payments and delivery tracking.

Handymen on demand web and mobile application

Handymen on demand web and mobile application. An online service for calling handymen on demand. Backend for dispatchers on Yii, API for connection between mobile applications and backend. API is covered with automatic tests. Backend allows watching calls, available handymen, routes, visits and payments online in real time mode.

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Optimize website

Working with the Best Way Trade team has been terrific! Anna is always responsive and pro-active. Roman and the rest of the development team is quite good, often collaborating with me to design a better solution. I worked with them for over a year and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a team of professional and collaborative software [...]

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    PHP Website Enhancements Needed


PHP Website Enhancements Needed

Very good – very professional!

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    PHP & Postgresql Web developer needed for long-term cooperation


PHP & Postgresql Web developer needed for long-term cooperation

I readily recommend BestWayTrade development services to any prospective customers. I will definitely get back to BestWayTrade if I need that kind of services in the future.

Logo Design

Best Way Trade’s work was very professional. They were timely in completing my logo and did it at a very reasonable. I also appreciated that they were flexible with some minor changes after the initial draft was completed. I would do business with them again.

YII developer

Thanks for great work!

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    Move wordpress site (w/some custom php) to new domain


Move wordpress site (w/some custom php) to new domain

Was hesitant to work with a team not based in the US or Canada, but had an terrific experience working with Anna and her team. Very responsive to my emails, proactive updates on progress, questions they had for me were clearly stated, and they provided all the troubleshooting I needed to get things exactly the way I wanted – even [...]

Website Testing

Great job!!! This team finished the project earlier and has done wonders for us. We highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants a solid and reliable team to work with.

Website Design

This team has done an amazing job for us. They are professional and very reliable group of people, and a pleasure to work with. We will be using them many more times in the future and highly recommend this contractor to those who needs to get the job done. A+++++

Private Job

BWT completed this project just as we specified.

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