Project Description

WeChat is the largest voice and text messaging system in China. One of the projects developed by our team required WeChat integration, namely user authentication, development of inner WeChat applications and communication with WeChat API.

The main challenge for WeChat integration is lack of documentation or even absence of it. Moreover, most existing documentation is Chinese, not English. That’s why we had to understand lots of important details by experience, like setting up accounts, finding keys.

To have the application open within WeChat it should be formatted and optimized accordingly. To post a link to it within WeChat channel, it needs to be registered with a special API.

On pages developed for this messenger we used WeChat JS API for various purposes, like voice recording. When record is finished, it is stored on WeChat servers and after that it remains available for 3 days. We needed to store such records forever that’s why we used WeChat API to copy records on our servers.

We have developed an API for WeChat authorization and inner WeChat web applications to read articles, to hold translation contests, quizzes and record voice messages.