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Data augmentation for marketing application


Data augmentation for marketing campaign. The goal was to use the  database of email addresses to find information of their owners. Data augmentation is one of the most popular tasks in data processing for marketing and advertising. Email addresses without owner details are not enough to create high-quality marketing newsletter. […]

TeqOffice – medical practice management system

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TeqOffice is a medical practice management system, where you can manage all patient records and practice documents with one easy to use tool. TeqOffice seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, and provides HIPAA compliant methods to share documents via secure connection, track document access history, and manage user permissions in the practice management system.

Scraper to parse contact details

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A scraper to parse contact details of buisness offices that belong to a certain buisness category on Yelp site. Script is responsible for automated collection of data for marketing campaigns and for filtering out collected results. It scrapes businesses from Yelp by set of criteria, then grabs business contact info from details. Provides high performance [...]