Directory of products scraped from eBay and Amazon for local market

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Online marketplace and directory with products scraped and grabbed from eBay and Amazon API. There is a delivery service for shoppers from Ukraine who fell it difficult to make orders themselves and payment system, which supports multiple currencies. Product is purchased from eBay and Amazon, company's commission and delivery cost is added and user can [...]

A script for scraping site templates


A script for scraping site templates and removing all personal information from it. Urls, names, contact details, addresses are removed from template and are replaced with placeholder data for further usage. The tool supports either sites based on popular CMS like Wordpress or sites based on frontend frameworks like Angular and React.

Scraper to parse contact details

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A scraper to parse contact details of buisness offices that belong to a certain buisness category on Yelp site. Script is responsible for automated collection of data for marketing campaigns and for filtering out collected results. It scrapes businesses from Yelp by set of criteria, then grabs business contact info from details. Provides high performance [...]

Scraper and language analyzer for Springer


Scraper and language analyzer  for collection of data and semantic analysis of scientific texts for Springer and technical universities. The script grabs article author, title, volume, issue and other information and then uses this data to search in Google Scholar. Then it grabs citations from search result and stores in the database.