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Yii is a component-based PHP framework for large scale web applications. It has a perfectly optimized performance and excellent documentation. Its popularity continues to grow with every year.

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We are experts in Yii development. We started working with it when Yii was at early stages of its popularity, since version 1. Now we are working with Yii 2. This framework is ideal for fast implementation of backend interfaces. In our team portfolio Yii is represented by a variety of projects, from simple listing directories to the system for medical practice management, which took more than 35K hours of work.

We definitely recommend Yii as a framework for your project. It is flexible to help you use those features that you really need. Security is one of the most powerful features in it. It provides you with clean and scalable code.

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Why Us

Get the Highest Quality

Ukraine is one of the world leaders in the field of IT outsourcing and with every year this position becomes more solid. Ukraine has high-skilled engineers and a growing potential of workforce.

Always Nearby

We plan our workflow so that we always have available hands for urgent tasks. We respect your business needs and we know that some of them require immediate attention.

We Take Responsibility

We give you clear estimates and deadlines that we keep to, we will never ask you to pay for work that was not confirmed with you and we always do our best to give advise on solutions that help you optimize costs.

Cost Effective Solution

$20-30 hourly rates compared to $80 – $150 in the USA and Europe for unbeatable quality of development, analytical and problem solving skills. Ukrainian engineers make 6% of the world highly educated professionals.

Privacy and Security

None of resorces provided by our customers go outside of our team. We keep the highest level of security on our servers and in our internal network. And, beleive it or not, we keep backups of all projects we ever worked on.

We Are the Right Team

This is not all about the money. Strive for challenges, enthusiasm and commitment – this is what spices up our work. And if someone says you want something that is not real, show it to us, this is what we specialize in.

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